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3 Epic Board/Card Games That Have Made the Transition to Online Games

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zumbi com cartas do card game Magic

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena has been online for many years now and still attracts millions of players worldwide to sites like Free to play, this card collecting game is all about strategy and constructing a deck that has the power to overcome your opponents. The best thing about play MTG online is that collecting cards is easy, albeit not in physical form in the same way a traditional MTG card search provides.

7 Wonders

Released in 2010, 7 Wonders is renowned as one of the best board games to have been released in recent times. You are put in charge of one of the 7 Wonders of the World and via card drafts, have to build and develop that civilisation. Hugely entertaining when played with real-life friends and family, 7 Wonders is also available online and becoming increasingly popular.



Fans of this horror board game will delight at the fact that you can now play it online. One player acts as a ghost who was tragically murdered while the others are mediums trying to piece together clues to establish who murdered the ghost. Highly entertaining and a great social game, Mysterium has become a successful online game as well as a legendary board game.


Those are just three great games that you can now play online as well as at home with your buddies. There are tons more but in our opinion, the three above offer the best entertainment. MTG, in particular, is a game that has enjoyed success for so many years but still seems to get more popular by the day. If you are yet to play any of them, why not try them in their online format first?


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